August 2005:

Joke at B&B Event, part II O, how lucky Joke Devos was again, last August, when she could travel once more to the USA to attend in LA this year's Bold & Beautiful Fan Event. We agree, in Cathy T., the Fan Club president, Joke found two years ago, a great lady willing to assist her in meeting the cast this year again, even organising a visit to the CBS/B&B-studio's.

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August 29, 2004:
Joke met again in Ostend, Belgium two of her very favorite B&B actors as Justin Torkildsen & Adrienne Frantz were crash visiting Belgium. Note how happy Joke was meeting again with Justin and yes, Justin was happy to meet her again as well !

Joke Devos from Belgium is definately the biggest fan for B&B. As she is disabled and not at work, she spends most of her days with everything regarding B&B. Luckily, in Belgium the show is on TV too but two years behind. Joke is watching the show for already ten years. Now being 23y, she started looking at 13y. Joke is now having 8 scratchbooks with pictures she cuts from magazines and the like, as well as with the offical pictures sent by Cathy, president of the official fanclub. Lots of people come and admire these books.

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