A crashvisit to CBS-B&B-LA
We flew to Los Angeles last november 2017. I had won a contest in 2009, but before I could enjoy this prize, the calendar showed us 2017. Not to say I was to  be very patient. But the patience was to be rewarding. Things started to move and eventually, some opportunities for a visit occured and last november the visit was definately on.
So, what did I won ? A visit to the CBS-studio’s where I will be visiting the set while recording for the B&B !
The hotel for our very short stay was located opposite the CBS grounds but as the site is so big, we took our rental car to drive up there. We even got a parking spot for ourselves for the day.
We were greeted gorgeously and got a look on a lot of nice presents that we could take home after the visit. We got a look at the trophees too, the series had won worldwide and I got the opportuniy to hold a golden one !
From here we walked to a restroom, it was like a kitchen too. Ingo Rademacher was having breakfast. Further on was the make-up room, as big as half a playground at my old school and then there was the dressing room, as big as the other half of the playground at school.  Very impressive was the 2-high store where all clothing is kept for the series. With the wedding gowns, one could dress a marrying couple a week, for the duration of a whole year! And hey, there was even the wordlfamous dress made in dollarbills.
The studio! How huge and wide! When recording no sound may be made by no-one. The airco is set on cold. De actors come in about 10 o’clock but he light-guys are the earliest. At 3 in the morning they are already setting up the lightning for the day. Work goes on till 4 in the afternoon, then there is a longer break. Recording goes on untill 5 or till the job for the day is done.
The studio is divided in different parts. All are ready for the upcoming recording. When one recording is finished, there is a move to the next scene for recording another scene. The actors for his other recording are waiting, all is set, so the floor manager can yell “quiet please… and ACTION”. There are additional directives spoken from “above”. So funny, to hear but not to see these people. All acting is done untill the floormanager and the director are happy.
It is amazing how the actors are performing superbly. The one moment they are walking around as everybody else eating an apple, looking into their script, and moments later they are furious or bursting out in tears for their part that day in the recording. So very professional !
Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Heather Tom, Ingo Rademacher, Katherine K. Lang, Jennifer Gareis, Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks, Lawrence St-Victor, Karla Mosley, Reign Edwards, Aaron D. Spears, Thorsten Kaye & Jacob Young were recording that day and came up to greet mee. Kisses and huggies all over me! So nice.
I was allowed to move from one recording to the other and enjoyed the catering: fresh water and sweaties and in the evening I was invited to a gathering and a chat for 30 American fans with the four B&B – guys: Jacob Young - Rick, Ingo Rademacher - Thorne, Throsten Kaye - Ridge & John McCook – Eric. What a nice evening it would turn out to be. The food was delicious, as was the talking with actors and fans.
My crash visit turned out tob e a truly an eye-opener because, watching the show now, I have in my mind, the way the series are recorded.  It is a wonderfull world indeed at CBS, perfectly timed and executed. No wonder B&B is the best in the world.
Congrats x 1000.
Thanks as well to Cathy Thomas  for meeting with me again in LA.