The Meet & Greet with B&B, organised by Belgian Vijf TV, was won by me! Hurray! And as soon as the call came to let me know this thrilling news, I started packing. Monaco, here I come.

Flying in the morning with Brussels Airlines with me in a cosy seat, brought me right to Nice, a sunny sea-side city in the south of France where I was met by a taxi that would bring me everywhere I needed.

Staying in Monaco, I was enjoying a nice room at the Novotel, home for the next days.

In the evening I was greeted by Shelby, she is the perfect international marketing manager for B&B. She brought some presents for me as well as (very important !) the invitations for the Festival de Télévision de Monte Carlo and the Meet & Greet.

The whole day I had been walking arround the most impressive yachting harbour of Monaco as then, for the evening, the taxi was picking me up for bringing me to the Grand Opening of the event. Feeling like a star, I was strolling over red carpet towards my seat in the Grimaldi Forum. Waw!

The prestigious opening was honoured by Prince Albert II of Monaco and attending were of course Katherine Kelly Lang & Don Diamont, appearing in the world famous B&B-series.

The next day, an exclusive Meet & Greet was held with Katherine & Don. I was enjoying their gorgeous presence very much more than the wonderfull surroundings of the place and the splendid food for lunch at noon.

Needless to say that meeting Katherine & Don was absolutely charming as both kind people were much available for talking and taking pictures.

Judith, the mother of Katherine and acting in Dr. Kildare, was part of the party too. I came to learn here as a very charming lady.

I have been enjoying this Meet & Greet with B&B-cast tremendously and I will always cherish the moments I lived through with Katherine & Don face to face.

All my gratitude goes to:

Katherine, Judith & Don, you made my day, again!

Shelby & David, for some wonderfull lovely days and above all, for your warm friendship

Vijf TV, for inviting me to this unique event.

Thanks again.