30/03/2013 Amsterdam (Netherland)

Before starting his photo and signing session, Winsor came to me for ta big hug. He was glad to see me again. Before the session started, I could give him a present that he opened right away and liked. I had made a book and Winsor wrote something on the cover. I told him I wanted to make a fan site. He said it was oké.

He’s so sweet. Lots of pictures of Winsor & me has been taken by my brother, a photographer, Angelique & some fans too. Winsor asked Angelique who was coming to Lokeren and she answered: just Joke. Winsor said to me. So I see you again. He didn’t know I was to go Monday too. Then there was a group photo. I had to stand next to him.  He helped me down the stairs and then it was time to return home

31/03/2013 Lokeren (Belgium)

Winsor came to Lokeren for a famous bicycle race, de Ronde van Vlaanderen. He watched the race with a good friend of him, Lucien Van Impe and his fans. In the meantime there was a Meet & Greet for B&B Fans. Winsor said to his girl-friend, meet Joke Devos. She gave me a big hug and Winsor too. I gave him a picture he liked as well as one taken the previous day in Amsterdam.  I wrote on it: It is surprise……………………… I come tomorrow to your fan dinner. He was very glad. Took a lot of pictures again. Winsor & his girlfriend are lovely people.

01/04/2013 Lokeren (Belgium)

18 B&B-fans and 2 winners for the magazine Primo were invited for a fan diner with Winsor Harmon, Thorne in Bold & Beautiful. So there came Winsor once more and told everyone there what I big fan I am.  The fan dinner was good. We could make more pictures. Winsor took one from me with his iPhone. He wanted it to have it on twitter. I could choose the one he would post. I was happy. He wrote: Joke my #1 fan in the world I love you it was great seeing you take care and see you soon. I love him for this. Then Winsor took off for a visit to Bruges. We hugged and he said again: I love you and I’ll talk to you on Facebook when I’m back in LA.