Belgian’s biggest B&B-fan wins trip to Monte Carlo where B&B triumphs in the 52th TV-Festival.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It’s an early rising at two in the night as Joke was due at Brussels airport for an early morning flight to Nice, worldfamous town in the south of France. It was a taxi that drove Joke to Brussels. The flight was scheduled at 6u25 am and right on time Joke arrived at Nice airport where she left  the airport for a visit to Cannes where she had dinner and went for a  walk. 

Taken to our hotel in Monte Carlo, we decided for more walking as Joke wanted to find a hairdresser. Monaco is not that big but walking up and down the hilly streets is difficult for a flatlander as Joke. And it was time also for writing postcards home. Later in the evening we met Shelby, organisating B&B visit to Monaca and David, top- brass at B&B. Gifts and hugs were exchanged, how nice it all was. Dinner then and off to sleep as it has been a very tiring day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breakfast was buffet-style with Tom from Norway, a keen B&B-fan too, that I have met at Facebook. We decided for some tourist things to do, so off we went to the old town where we witnessed the changing of the guards at Prins Albert and Prinsses Charlene’s palace. What a crowd. But later that day, in the evening, after some rest, and having dressed up like a queen, we were taken by limo to

The Openening Ceremony of the 52 Monte Carlo TV Festival. We walked the red carpet as if we were famous too, what a feeling (!) and had a drink or two.

And so they had arrived (!): the actors  of B&B. Scott Clifton, Don Diamont, Kim Matula & Jacqueline Macinnes Wood. Hunter arrived a little bit later.

I posed with Scott Clifton (Liam) for a picture, how nice.

After cocktails it was time for the grand ceremony with a speech by his Majesty the Prince of Monaco. A film was shown to open the Festival. It was a French movie about freedomfighters in Senegal, Afrika, more than half a century ago.

It was very late for dinner that night, but who cares after such a rewarding day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

This would be a great day for me. Evenso, we had to move out of the room, I managed to dress again like a queen.

We were scheduled to meet the B&B cast at the restaurant of a poshy downtown hotel/resort. There we had dinner apart from the cast but it was very soon that the cast came up to us to mingle all together. That was so kind a feeling, I thought I was dreamingand I pinched myself. There we had first Scott Clifton and Kim Matula with us and we had a wonderful conversation. Scott asked me where I got that deep-brown tan from and I told him that I just came back from a holiday in Spain. It was then that I learned that the crew has been in Italy a few weeks earlier for filming.

Then it was Don Diamont to come over and he was very happy to see me again. We have met earlier at B&B Fan Events in the USA as well as I did meet at those events Hunter Tylo  and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

As a press moment was organised, we all were invited to line up for some pictures. It was some kind of balcony-scenery at its best. Shelby did see to it, that one such great top quality picture was given to me.  Only such a pity that Hunter wasn’t there yet for the picture.

Back to seating, we all went on with our converstations and it was Hunter and Jacqueline who came with us now and it was all warm and kind huggs and kisses all over. The biggest one was perhaps with Hunter and Jacqueline, and Scott,  and Kim,  and Don.

Hunter recalled her trip to Belgium in 2007 as part of a promotour for B&B with Winsor Harmon and Ashley Jones.
But how glad Jacqueline was too to meet me again, me her biggest fan worldwide.

Lots of hugging, lots of talking, lots of pictures, Oh! What a great time I had overthere in Monaca with the B&B. The happiest day of my life.

Thank you, Scott, Kim, Hunter, Jacqueline & Don for this all, you made my day and thank you for being part of my life.

Thank you, Shelby and David for a wonderfull time at Monaco, top-organised and as well for your kind friendship.

Joke Devos.