Saturday August 29, 2009

At 7:30 am, breakfast was served for the many B&B fans for the 2009 B&B Fan Event. Many members are known to each other by Facebook and by attending B&B Fan Events, as I did in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

Seven members of the cast appeared at the breakfast too: Jennifer Gareis, Drew Tyler Bell, Texas Battle, John McCook, Kyle Lowder, Don Diamont & Ally Mills.

My special B&B-actor Jennifer Gareis was glad to meet me again.

Drew Tyler Bell introduced his girlfriend. And a slideshow was running showing photo’s of prevous B&B-events, I was included too on photo with Katherine Kelly Lang at B&B Fan Events 2007.

Texas Battle - Marcus in B&B, asked us if his character Marcus in B&B was already on the TV in Belgium. We understand this will be not in the first three years to come.

At 11:00 am luncheon was served: salads, chicken and vegetables and of course afterwards some dessert.

21 characters of the B&B were with us for the special day: Jenniffer Gareis, Katherine Kelly Lang, Kyle Lowder, Ashley Jones, Jack Wagner, Drew Tyler Bell, John McCook, Texas Battle, Don Diamont, Ally Mills, Patrick Duffy, Robin Riker, Heather Tom, Winsor Harmon, Lesley-Anne Down, Lesli Kay, Hunter Tylo, Aaron D.Spears, Rick Hearst, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood en Brandon Beemer

Also attending were Cathy Tomas, Lee Bell & Bradley Bell who came on stage as well.

Some video’s were shown of things to come. It was so sad to find out about Storm ( Wil deVry) & Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). I will never forget Will.

This day I learned lot sof new fans attending, as well as some new B&B Staff

Time it was for autographing photo’s and a nice booklet. I was photographed  with Lee and Bradley Bell.

Bradley & Lee,  Thank you for all your work in 22 year for B&B.

B&B Cast were happy to see me again, including Cathy Thomas, everybody from B&B made me very happy, as did Texas & Jennifer.

Jennifer Gareis remembered me sending her a birthday present.

Jennifer,Thank you for your friendship and also your letters. You make me very happy.

Unfortunately Susan Flannery was missing, I really want to meet her some time. Also not with us this year was Ronn Moss, We missed him all.

Ronn, I wish you and Devin much luck.

Cathy Tomas, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ORGANISIN THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL FAN EVENTS 2009 and for all your work for B&B Fan Club. I WILL NEVER FORGET ANY EVENT, thanks to you.

Thank you and see you next time.