August 2007:

Saturday August 25, 2007 B&B “20the Anniversary” FanClub Events At 8:30 am I was with my twin brother and his friend at the Breakfast. Six membes of the cast came for the Breakfast too: John McCook, Dax Griffin, William deVry, Jennifer Gareis, Winsor Harmon & Drew Tyler Bell.

John McCook asked the fans some questions; including one about Thorne. Then Winsor Harmon came in and dropped some candies at the table. He came to me for a big hug Then there was a power presentation and a Q&A-sesstion with many questions from the fans After this, it was time for some pictures and signing the material given by the B&B FanClub

At 11:30 am we all went to the Luncheon Again gifts were kindly provided At our table we had lunch By then the cast was walking in one by one to have a seat at the podium

Cami the asked for me, Joke Devos from Belgium There went. This was not announced to me so it came as a big surprise. My brother know but kept it silent. Cami also asked for Katherine Kelly Lang to come foreward I gave her a present which made her very happy. Cami read my speach to Kattherine Kelly Lang and to the B&B cast and the fans. I got a big hug from Katherine Thank you, Katherine Kelly Lang . for being all those years with us at the B&B And Thank you, Cami for all. Then I left the podium

Jack Wagner came to me for more huggs and pictures. Lesley Anne Down waved to me.

Then I was back at my table.

Time for the presentation "2O Years of B&B". The tribute included also  Darlene, who will be missed very much

In the afternoon we walked towards the signing session where the cast signed the memory booklet with all their pictures. I was happy to meet there Bradley Bell again and of course all the cast and especially Cathy Tomas, organising the event I was a litle bit sad that Susan Flannery was not there

Ronn Moss was very happy to see me again; holding me tight I will remember this day all of my life

Cathy Tomas, Bradley Bell and Lee Bell THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ORGANISING THE B&B FANCLUB EVENTS “20THE ANNIVERSARY” Thank you Katherine, John, Ronn, Susan for 20 years of B&B  being Brooke, Eric, Ridge & Stephanie

I am watching the show since the first broadcasting in my home country Belgium, starting 1990 Hope to see you all again at the next B&B Fan Events I miss you already

Lots of Love Joke Devos from Belgium