April 2006:
Jack Wagner is a great guy. Performing last night, April 1st, at Le Carré, Willebroek, Belgium, we almost forgot that Jack was invited by Belgian Vijf TV and TV Gids for being part of the cast of the Bold & Beautiful. The set Jack performed for a selected group invited by Vijf TV and TV Gids, truly emphasized  his other talent: music. Jack took the band unplugged through some great songs and in doing so, thrilling the audience indeed.

Joke, who was gratefully invited too for the event, got a kiss from Jack, right after he kicked off the show. Joke was surely recognized by Jack from earlier meetings in Los Angeles last August. There Joke witnessed a recording session of the B&B with Jack acting away heavenly.

Before Jack’s arrival at Le Carré, the audience was offered a great dinner and lots of drinks too. Joke did not eat much as she was so excited to meeting Jack again.

After having a nice chat with Jack, and after signing some paraphernalia, we went home, giving way to all the other big fans, attending that evening too.

Thank you Jack for visiting us in our home country and for your fine music. See you on the telly.

Thank you Vijf TV for broadcasting the soap, thank you Vijf TV &nd TV Gids for inviting and organising, thank you Le Carré for a nice setting.