August 2005:

Joke at B&B Event, part II O, how lucky Joke Devos was again, last August, when she could travel once more to the USA to attend in LA this year's Bold & Beautiful Fan Event. We agree, in Cathy T., the Fan Club president, Joke found two years ago, a great lady willing to assist her in meeting the cast this year again, even organising a visit to the CBS/B&B-studio's.

How we thus enjoyed a great day with delicious food and of course the cast, all smiling and greeting and joking and even singing a song and happy to meet the fans, that's what the Event is for, indeed. The cast must have suffered from a sore arm after signing all the paraphernalia we brought along. How kind they were ! Having met the cast for the second time, Joke is more than agreeing, no cast is nicer than the one and only B&B ! Hurray!