Joke Devos from Belgium is definately the biggest fan for B&B. As she is disabled and not at work, she spends most of her days with everything regarding B&B. Luckily, in Belgium the show is on TV too but two years behind. Joke is watching the show for already ten years. Now being 23y, she started looking at 13y. Joke is now having 8 scratchbooks with pictures she cuts from magazines and the like, as well as with the offical pictures sent by Cathy, president of the official fanclub. Lots of people come and admire these books.

Now early this year 2003 an invitation came over the post sent by Cathy announcing the fanday August 16. With the making of X-Mas postcards Joke did earn some money for herself but of course some more sponsoring was needed and found. Thank you all who assisted.
So--- happily,... off we went some days before the Big Day. We, being Joke and uncle Guido willing to do Joke this big favour; taking care for her for some days in America. We spent some ten hours hours flying from Brussels to Atlanta en then the connecting flight took us in say four hours to LA.
Being a few days earlier in LA, we spent some time at Disneyland and at the Universal Studios but still it was waiting for that big day that eventually came: saturday August 16, 2003.
Staying at the Sheraton hotel, that morning we could not resist taking a look on what was happening at the Breakfast and there we did see, indeed, Justin. WAW. Wheeling Joke arround some time later we at last reached our table in the Big Ballroom. Then that great moment of joy was there: look who came to diner with us---Justin, Bobbie, Ronn, Sally, Jennifer, Patrick, Sean, and so many more we sheered with their appearance, How good Justin did the honours, indeed and the food was delcious indeed even we focused entirely on the cast.
Luncheon over, ... the whole party moved for the autographing session and there we met Cathy who was delighted to see us from so far away as Belgium. Cathy took Joke all arround and guess what. From shear excitement Joke got out of her wheelchair and did what she seldom does, she took some steps on her own to join the B&B cast. And how kind the cast was. Hugging and kissing and posing for more than one picture, Joke was so gratefully met.
Saying goodbye was so difficult even when saying goodbye still went on in the hall. How kind the cast was and so big at heart.
Ending this story we want to express our gratitude towards all involved and once more : "thanks B&B for the day of a lifetime. Never to forget but never say never again, as we have an appointment indeed for 2005 ???
Joke Devos, the biggest fan from Belgium