It was sunday, january 21, 2018 as we drove to Amsterdam for a meet & greet with rockstar Winsor Harmon. This meet & greet took place in the classy turkish restaurant “Florya”. With some dozen fans we sat together waiting for Winsor’s arrival and there he was  about 15:15. Winsor spotted me at once and came diretly to me for huggies. We were so glad to meet again in person, it was five years since we last met.
Winsor was very kind to me. He’s great, for the other fans as well. Everyone was photograped with Winsor while having a chat with him. How kind he is. I was first.  I got more huggies en Winsor signed the photo’s I had with me. Angelique asked if it was a good idea to take photo with me, my mother and Marceline. I said yes, of course. The 3 of us in the picuture, great. To my mom, Winsor, said I was his Angel. A professional photographer whose name was Bram, took pictures of us, as well. He’s a kind man too. Time then to leave. Not that easy. Tears in my eyes whelmed up but I pulled myself together.
I’ll miss you,  Winsor, hope to see you very soon. This was the best day in my life so far. Thanks Winsor. You’re the best !
Thank you to Varol & Angelique for everything. And to Bram for his beautiful photos.