It was sunday, january 21, 2018 as we drove to Amsterdam for a meet & greet with rockstar Winsor Harmon. This meet & greet took place in the classy turkish restaurant “Florya”. With some dozen fans we sat together waiting for Winsor’s arrival and there he was  about 15:15. Winsor spotted me at once and came diretly to me for huggies. We were so glad to meet again in person, it was five years since we last met.

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A crashvisit to CBS-B&B-LA
We flew to Los Angeles last november 2017. I had won a contest in 2009, but before I could enjoy this prize, the calendar showed us 2017. Not to say I was to  be very patient. But the patience was to be rewarding. Things started to move and eventually, some opportunities for a visit occured and last november the visit was definately on.

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Ronn and his wife Devin and there dog Prince, stayd for four months in our country Belgium. It was for his theaters shows. In the summer he played together  with Luc Caals in the coast theater in Blankenberge. The show was called " den Bolle and the Beautiful". At 22nd July  and 26th August I was there as VIP and it was an incredibal experiance and I was happy to see Ronn Moss again.

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Saturday, October 24 '15 I went with my friend for a VIP to "Zingpaleis" with The Romeo & Ronn Moss, he was a guest of De Romeo's in Hasselt. We received at 18h at the VIP area, we first had an aperitif and nibbles, it was very tasty.
Around 19:45 we went to the hall where the Romeo and Ronn Moss occur. At 20h there was Story Award 2015. Ronn won an award in Story's career prize

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The Meet & Greet with B&B, organised by Belgian Vijf TV, was won by me! Hurray! And as soon as the call came to let me know this thrilling news, I started packing. Monaco, here I come.

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30/03/2013 Amsterdam (Netherland)

Before starting his photo and signing session, Winsor came to me for ta big hug. He was glad to see me again. Before the session started, I could give him a present that he opened right away and liked. I had made a book and Winsor wrote something on the cover. I told him I wanted to make a fan site. He said it was oké.

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Belgian’s biggest B&B-fan wins trip to Monte Carlo where B&B triumphs in the 52th TV-Festival.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It’s an early rising at two in the night as Joke was due at Brussels airport for an early morning flight to Nice, worldfamous town in the south of France. It was a taxi that drove Joke to Brussels. The flight was scheduled at 6u25 am and right on time Joke arrived at Nice airport where she left  the airport for a visit to Cannes where she had dinner and went for a  walk. 

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Saturday August 29, 2009

At 7:30 am, breakfast was served for the many B&B fans for the 2009 B&B Fan Event. Many members are known to each other by Facebook and by attending B&B Fan Events, as I did in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

Seven members of the cast appeared at the breakfast too: Jennifer Gareis, Drew Tyler Bell, Texas Battle, John McCook, Kyle Lowder, Don Diamont & Ally Mills.

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August 2007:

Saturday August 25, 2007 B&B “20the Anniversary” FanClub Events At 8:30 am I was with my twin brother and his friend at the Breakfast. Six membes of the cast came for the Breakfast too: John McCook, Dax Griffin, William deVry, Jennifer Gareis, Winsor Harmon & Drew Tyler Bell.

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April 2006:
Jack Wagner is a great guy. Performing last night, April 1st, at Le Carré, Willebroek, Belgium, we almost forgot that Jack was invited by Belgian Vijf TV and TV Gids for being part of the cast of the Bold & Beautiful. The set Jack performed for a selected group invited by Vijf TV and TV Gids, truly emphasized  his other talent: music. Jack took the band unplugged through some great songs and in doing so, thrilling the audience indeed.

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November 2005:
For promoting his musical career, Ronn Moss was touring, November 2005, the Low Countries Belgium and Holland. As a result, Ronn was to see in all major newspapers and magazines and on TV. For Belgian TV5, Joke was part the audience while taping. Meeting Ronn again resulted once more in a very nice picture. Next day, Belgian professional photographer Bjorn Vanheyst also was so kind to capture Ronn and Joke in again a very nice picture. Thank you Bjorn !